Monday, August 24, 2009

now we wait

SO...Robert and I just bought a new house. Well, not new but new to us. We have not officially closed yet nor have we come close to selling our current house. Ahhh...but we cannot wait to get the keys, get in there the windows. The house does not smell good. You become accustomed to it after a bit but I think some fresh air will do wonders. The kids cannot wait to explore and run around inside. But for now..all we can do is wait for closing.

We haven't been sleeping well with all this waiting. There is just too much to be done and it's difficult to quit adding to the list. To start with the electrical, plumbing and heating (there currently isn't any heat) all need to be gone through and be repaired or replaced. The basement needs to be cleaned..or should I say scoured and sanitized. It's really not a good smell down there. The workshop needs to be created. The carpets need to be removed and immediately. ALL of them. The walls need to be scraped, patched, painted. Everything needs to be CLEANED. It's not what you would call move in ready. The list just goes on and this is just to make it livable.

This wouldn't seem so bad but this really isn't a little fixer upper. It's huge. Over 5,000 sq. ft currently divided into 6 apartments. Did I also mention that Robert works two jobs and I homeschool 7 kids?? I think we might be on the edge of crazy...but we're up for it if it means we can have this fantastic space to turn into our home...

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